Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wooly scarf

Hi there and hello!

It's been awhile!  Almost two years in fact since I've posted on this blog...  Well now I'm back.. Older and wiser!  I deleted all of my old posts about a year ago in a moment of exasperation with technology and the fear of having left myself and my children too open on this inter-web of ours... Since my last post, I've been up to all sorts of things, most recently having taken up a new crafting skill - knitting!

I'm into my second winter of knitting and so far have made three scarves and 1.5 hats (the first was very small and a very big fail so only counts as a half project!).. The knitting project below is the first thing I've knitted for myself.  I received my first copy of Taproot magazine #bread issue ( for Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed flipping through the pages of this little mag. Full of fun and useful articles on bread making and other crafts! Included in the magazine were the instructions on how to create the scarf below:

It was my first time using the braiding technique while knitting and I decided to use this really nice and soft multicolored 100% alpaca mix wool from the local yarn shop.  This wool was such a pleasure to work with and the colors are so great to wear and make such a great contrast to this cold white northern landscape of mine. I've used this scarf everyday since making it, and though it is a bit warmer here today in Western Quebec we've been getting well below freezing temperatures for the last few weeks (-25 to -40 below). This was the ultimate test and I can confirm that the wool keeps my face nice and warm and the width and length are just right to cover my neck, cheeks and nose while not letting any wind through.

Pretty and practical, my two favorite things!!

The knit is pretty straight forward, rib stitch to start, followed by knit stitch, dropping every couple of stitches to create the braided effect and ending with a few more rows of rib...  Great, simple, fun design!

How has your winter been?


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